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PT Kresna Kusuma Dyandra Marga (KKDM) is established based on the deed number: 94 dated December 20,1996 and established to conduct the Becakayu Toll Road based on the Letter of the Minister of Public Works of Republic of Indonesia Number jL.8I03-Mn/43A dated February 7, 2007 

01. 02.

Inauguration of Section IB and IC (Cipinang-Jakasampurna) of Bekasi -  Cawang -  Kampung Melayu Toll Road on November 3, 2017 by the President of Indonesia and Determination of the Operation and the Type of otor Vehicle and the amount of the Toll by Minister of Public Works and Public Housing number 853/KPTS/M/2017 and 854/KPTS/M/2017 dated November 2, 2017.

PT Kresna Kusuma Dyandra Marga (KKDM) have 4 Certification. SMK3, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 oleh PT Superintending Company of Indonesia (SUCOFINDO)

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The increasing number of population in the JABODETABEK area as well as which has an effect on increasing the mobility of the population between areas which results in traffic jams.

In an effort to overcome these problems, the government has given confidence to PT Kresna Kusuma Dyandra Marga (KKDM) in the form of a toll road concession agreement (PPJT) No.9 dated December 16, 2011 to participate in carrying out the development of the Bekasi - Cawang - Kampung Melayu Toll Road which connecting Jakarta - Bekasi and vice versa.

Bekasi - Cawang - Kampung Melayu (BECAKAYU) Toll road with a length according to the initial plan of 21,042 km, starting from Kampung Melayu to Duren Jaya, East Bekasi.In the implementation of phase 1, a review is made regarding the constraints faced (in the field and in the agency) so that there are changes in alignments and business plans. According to the revised business plan, Section 1 (Casablanca - Jakasampurna) and Section 2A (Jakasampurna - A. Yani Bekasi) is 16.02 km long, and Section 2B is in a technical and financial study, which changes the end of the toll road from Duren Jaya to Tambun. The Becakayu Toll Road is one of the Government Programs to overcome traffic congestion on the road connecting DKI Jakarta and Bekasi, which is currently in constant traffic jam conditions.

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